Diagnostic and physical cleaning ($35.00): A full hardware diagnostic and physical cleaning is performed upon check-in to ensure no visible hardware issues exist before work starts on your computer.  If one of our technicians discovers damaged hardware we will consult you on your available options. Our diagnostic service is fully refundable if you choose to purchase a new computer, or we can apply the diagnostic charge to your repair.


Data backup or transfer ($70.00): Dover Computer Repair, Inc. knows how much our customers value their data. We will try our hardest to retrieve your files, photos, and important documents to the best of our abilities. Recovered data can then be transferred to a flash drive or external hard drive. Just purchase a new computer? We can transfer all important data from your old to new computer.


Malware removal and Optimization ($100): Dover Computer Repair, Inc. has seen it all. Pop-ups, keyloggers, Trojans, worms, etc. We can remove the malware that prevents you from enjoying your computing experience. Once all infections are removed, our technicians thoroughly optimize the computer to ensure your system runs FAST! We will also setup and configure your choice of our internet security programs. Service includes full system diagnostics and physical cleaning.


Data recovery ($70.00 assessment fee): If you accidently deleted some files or your operating system won’t boot, no worries! Dover Computer Repair, Inc. can help you recover your deleted files. We will do our best to help our customers retrieve their precious memories or important business documents. We can also provide assistance in pointing you to forensic data specialists that can retrieve data from drives that are physically damaged by moisture, fire, or impact.


Data backup, Hard drive replacement, Operating system install ($140.00 + cost of hard drive): Most of the time a hard drive failure is a death sentence for a computer. While our competitors charge for a data backup, a hardware install, and an operating system install, Dover Computer Repair, Inc. has streamlined the process to provide you with a flat rate. We can have you up and running at an affordable rate. Looking for a fresh installation without the data? We will take $40 off the total cost.


Laptop Screen Replacement ($70+Price of Screen): Cracked or shattered screen? Dover Computer Repair, Inc. can replace the broken screen onsite at your convenience.


Smart phone e-mail setup ($35.00): A new Smartphone can be a daunting new piece of technology without the right guidance. Dover Computer Repair, Inc. will assist you in the setup of your new Smartphone e-mail, social networking software, or fundamental use.


DC-Jack Repair  ($140+ Price of Jack): If your laptop won’t power up or there is a little wiggle room in your DC jack, we can help. Dover Computer Repair Inc. can disassemble your laptop and fix your DC-jack for a flat rate. All our repairs are done in house so there are no long wait times!


Complex hardware issues (Quoted after Diagnostic.  Diagnostic fee is Wavered if any repair is rendered): Not all computer issues can be remedied at a flat rate. Dover Computer Repair, Inc. is ready to assist you with a resolution to even the trickiest hardware issues: loose or broken DC jacks; bad laptop motherboards; broken LCD/LED laptop displays; desktop motherboard replacements; RAID array data recovery and setup.